This fully online business writing course, makes it easier than ever to master your ability to craft clear and concise communications. In just 3-5 hours per week for four weeks, you can forever change your approach to writing.


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2018 Spring
BW 0010 Introduction to Business Writing

Why this course?

The digital workplace is a writing intensive environment. From internal office email to building a social media brand, writing has become a leading form of communication across industries. Professional reputations are built on how effectively a staff member conveys ideas in writing. This four week course will arm the learner with the basics of style, grammar, & diction, as well as introduce the primary forms of written communication necessary for workplace success: emails, memos, reports, and presentations.

Who Will Benefit

* Professionals looking to take their career to the next level with a boost in communication skills
* Speakers of English as a Second Language who need a refresher on workplace grammar
* Anyone needing to enhance their written communication skills prior to entering an online
degree or certificate program

Course Date(s)
March 5 - March 30
Julie Moss

If you've ever received an email, letter or sales piece that was confusing, wordy, or typo-ridden, you know that poor writing impacts the writer's credibility — whether you have a high school diploma or a doctorate. By mastering a few basic steps and techniques in the writing process, you can ensure that your every communication reflects your professionalism. In today's competitive economy and multi-media world, that's a formula for success on the job and in life.

Topics include:

  • Business document format
  • Etiquette for electronic communications
  • Grammar to-go for busy professionals

Through workplace scenarios and interactive tutorials, learn best practices for digital communications. Receive your professional certificate in Business Writing upon completion of the course.

Julie MossA word from instructor Julie Moss
“If you’ve ever said ‘I could improve my writing skills,’ this course is for you. There is no prerequisite, and assignments will be customized to student needs. This is an especially great course for students interested in taking a full online certificate but want to brush up on writing skills first. I also recommend this course to anyone who would like to improve their approach with emails, letters, and job applications.”

Instructor Julie Moss has a B.A. in English, an M.F.A. in creative writing, and an M.A.Ed. in educational technology. She has taught/tutored college English since 1995, teaching online since 2004. Her professional experience includes two years with a market research firm in Tokyo, two years teaching full time on a Navy base near Yokohama, six years running the TRiO Project writing center at SDSU, and 2.5 years as an instructional designer with SDSU’s College of Extended Studies. She’s currently an instructional designer at UC Berkeley School of Public Health.

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