For over 26 years, students have been maximizing their test-taking potential with Test Prep courses at SDSU's College of Extended Studies. You'll learn important strategies, expectations, and content information from the outstanding, full credentialed instructors from BTPS Testing. CBEST, GMAT, GRE, and LSAT test prep books and materials are included in the registration fee and are authored by BTPS Testing. Registration is available online, in person or via phone at (619) 594-5152.

SDSU offers a free-repeat policy for these classes.

Save your proof of initial registration and payment in order to take advantage of this policy. Re-registration is required before the class begins in order to ensure there is still space in the class you wish to repeat.

For assistance on how to re-register and additional information please email or call (619) 594-0845.

Schedule and Location of Classes
All Test Prep Sessions are on Saturdays, 9am-3pm in SDSU Extended Studies/Gateway Centers, Hardy Avenue entrance, unless otherwise noted.


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NC 0016 CBEST | California Basic Educational Skills Test Prep Sessions

Let our outstanding teachers give you the edge to pass this very important California state teacher’s exam! Our credentialed instructors provide you with expert in-class instruction, successful test-taking strategies, computer-assisted information, and practice testing by topic area. Test areas covered are: Mathematics, Reading Comprehension, and Essay Writing. Class instruction includes a review of problem solving skills and math concepts, as well as approaches to help you improve your reading comprehension and essay writing skills. The book included in the course fee is CliffsNotes TestPrep CBEST® preparation guide revised by authors of BTPS Testing.

Course Date(s)

2018 Spring
NC 0028 GMAT | Graduate Management Admission Test Prep Sessions

Learn key skills and strategies to get the competitive edge on the GMAT. Workshops include a five-point learning advantage developed by the authors of CliffsNotes GMAT® that includes: (1) expert instruction - benefit from over 22 hours of in-class instruction with leading specialists in the field of test preparation; (2) assessment - learn to identify your strengths and target your weaknesses; (3) review - receive instruction about the GMAT content, subject areas, question types, test-taking strategies, scoring and computer-adaptive testing; (4) class materials - receive a comprehensive textbook with four practice tests, important in-class practice by topic, and online integrated reasoning practice; and (5) free repeat policy - repeat the prep class as often as necessary for extra subject-area review.

Topic areas covered on the GMAT are: math ability (problem solving and data sufficiency), reading comprehension, sentence correction, critical reasoning, integrated reasoning, and analytical essay writing assessment. The book included in the course fee is written by the faculty of BTPS Testing CliffsNotes TestPrep GMAT® with CD/ROM (2013).

Course Date(s)
March 17 - April 14
2018 Spring
NC 0030 GRE | Graduate Record Exam Prep Sessions

Maximize your test-taking potential on the GRE. Classes provide you with over 20 hours of instruction including important in-class practice, take-home online computer practice testing and a free-repeat policy. Leading experts in the field of test preparation help you to review concepts and skills in the three subject areas on the GRE: (1) Quantitative Reasoning (arithmetic, algebra, geometry, data analysis, data interpretation, and word problems); (2) Verbal Reasoning (reading comprehension, text completion, and sentence equivalence); and (3) Analytical Writing Essay Tasks (analyze an issue and analyze an argument). The book included in the course fee is written by the faculty of BTPS Testing, CliffsNotes TestPrep GRE General Test® with CD/ROM including four full-length practice tests for enhanced home study.

Course Date(s)
April 7 - April 28
NC 0049 LSAT | Law School Admission Test Prep Sessions

Let our experts give you important insights into the LSAT with over 20 hours of classroom instruction. Instructors will help you analyze each exam area and apply your knowledge to strategize and respond to LSAT practice questions (note: practice questions are taken from both simulated and actual LSAT exam questions). Learn how to identify your strengths and target your weaknesses as you receive instruction about each question type: analytical reasoning, logical reasoning, reading comprehension (including comparative reading), and the essay writing sample. The textbook provided in the workshop includes a CD-ROM that contains timed practice tests with explanations for enhanced home study.

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