Military | Green Building – From Green Uniform to Green Building

Green Building ConstructionThe green industry is one of the largest growing businesses in America. According to the Huffington Post, three of the top growing industries include solar power, wind power, and environmental consulting.

Fortunately, there are new and exciting green programs being offered by schools to individuals around the nation. One of those schools is the College of Extended Studies at San Diego State University, which offers green industry certificate programs comprising green construction, green energy management, sustainability, and water management.

An added feature is that active duty and veterans are eligible to enroll in these programs using their GI Bill benefit to earn these green certificates.

One veteran, former Marine Jorge Castro, took advantage of his benefit and enrolled in the certificate program.

Castro works for a construction company, and having already completed his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, wanted something more to supplement his degree and to keep on top of current trends in construction. He started his journey to find a program to marry with his degree and his interests.

What he found was the online construction programs at SDSU. He says that he wanted “to better learn what was available in the industry and found that SDSU was a good match to my experience and needs.”

The Green Building program has five classes in all – ranging from the guidelines of construction to the green design of buildings. Castro says, “The green building certificate is advantageous to my work because I use green energy construction to do a little bit of everything from houses to schools.”

The result was that he was able to receive his military benefit and get all the classes paid for by the government. He acknowledges that “some people may not think that they can get the GI Bill for classes even after you graduate,” when in reality, it is definitely possible.

For Castro, it has been a win-win situation. Education has led to an improved personal life and work life.

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