Careers: Web & Mobile Apps Developer

Web and Mobile Apps DeveloperBuilding a Platform for Success

As the earth’s most highly penetrating communications technology, there are currently over five billion cell phones in use. It has been reported that more people throughout the world today own cell phones than toothbrushes. Mobile technology not only brings jobs and enhanced communication; it is often used to save lives.

Emergency notifications can be broadcast to thousands of people, and emergency callers’ locations can be pinpointed through GPS. Insulin pumps that connect to cell phones are being developed for people with diabetes. Apple iPad applications are being developed for medical record keeping, billing, and scheduling to help doctors transfer their records to a portable, elec­tronic format. In developing nations, cell phones are essential for many workers to secure employ­ment. As mobile devices become ubiquitous, and with the increasing complexity of the Internet, the demand for highly skilled web and mobile applications developers will continue to rise.

What do they do?

The life stage – design, modifications, develop­ment, and implementation– of web and mobile applications are at the heart of a mobile app developer. Web and mobile applications develop­ers plan, research, code, test, and deploy projects. They usually work with a team to create apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, and other mobile devices. Examples of projects may include the develop­ment of a fully functional online store, or the creation of iPhone or iPad applications such as an application for mothers who wish to track their baby’s weight, height, immunizations, and other medical information.

Who should become one?

A person can’t make an immediate leap into this career; there are a few requisites for this job path. A few skills that web and mobile applications developers, should have:

➊ Basic Development – HTML coding, JavaScript and cascading style sheets (CSS).

➋ Coding/Programming – since development involves programming, it is a good idea to have skills in languages like Perl, Jython, Python, PHP, Java, C Sharp or Visual Basic.

➌ Analysis and Testing – an understanding of analysis and testing of a development life cycle.