Ask Gary the Guru

Gary MarchettiQ. How has social media affected the HR function?
A. Social media is still evolving and it’s dif­ficult to determine what the ultimate impact will be on HR and the business. However, the use of social media has made it easier to quickly communicate with business partners, but has also created the opportunity for em­ployees to be tempted to abuse the Internet and take away from productivity. The quick responses of texting and email have the potential to damage relationships.

Q. What are the future trends of HR?
A. The future for HR is wide open now that it has gained a “seat at the table,” becoming

the voice of the business as it relates to employees as well as the “strategic thinking partner” for those who are making decisions that impact the company, employees, and the community. HR will become less involved in transactional day-to-day activities and more involved in the operation and strategy of the business. Skills will need to be honed in the area of business processes, finance, acquisitions, mergers, and organizational design to add value to those the HR function supports.

Q. What kind of a person is a perfect fit for an HR career?
A. A career in HR can be open to many different types of individuals depending on which focus area is of interest to them. Someone who wants to be a generalist business partner will need different skills than someone who wants to be a benefits administrator. The core skills that are com­mon are the desire to help employees and leaders become more successful and the ability to continue to make the business more efficient. They need to have a mindset of a “passion for simplification” to effectively serve their clients and the business. The HR professional now needs to be someone who is constantly learning and growing, keeping up with the changing business environment.

Gary Marchetti is the senior HR manager supporting Genentech’s Oceanside Commercial and Clinical production facilities, an instructor of Talent, Management, and Development at SDSU and is on SDSU’s HR advisory board. His experience includes the Disney University, Disney Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Old Key West Resort and Spa, and Starwood Vacation Ownership – OD Manager Eastern region and the Caribbean.